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The libXA library

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The libXA library allows communication with Sidena's Extralink (XA) packs. This library is written in C/C++, and aims at implementing for Linux systems the same functionalities as the XA.dll library provided by Sidena for Windows platforms.

This library was developed by ENSTAR (, the robot club of the ENSTA engineering school (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées, This software is placed under the terms of the GPL.


Where to find this library

Build, installation, and documentation

The provided Makefile allows building and installing the libXA dynamic library. After having edited the Makefile entries if necessary, just run:


to build the library, and:

make install

to install it.

The exec_test.c file provides examples on using this library. The exec_test target of the Makefile builds the corresponding binary executable.

The doc target of the Makefile generates this documentation using Doxygen.

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